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Please note: These calculators provide estimates only.
Lenders consider a range of criteria when assessing applications and providing home loans.

Borrowing Power Calculator

How much can I borrow?

Home Loan Offset Calculator

How much do I save an offset for savings?

Loan Comparison Calculator

How much will extra repayments save me?

Loan Repayment Calculator

What will my
repayments be?

Fortnightly & Weekly Repayment

What would my repayments be?

Extra Repayment Calculator

How much would the extra repayments be?

How long to Repay Calculator

When will I finish paying?

Mortgage Switching Calculator

What will it cost to switch?

Credit Card Calculator

Credit Card Calculator

Budget Planner

Income vs expenses

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Rent vs Buy Calculator

Income Annualization Calculator

Income Annualization Calculator

Income Gross Up Calculator

Income Gross Up Calculator

Stamp Duty Calculator

Calculate the Stamp Duty

Choosing the right type of loan, and the right way to manage it, can mean thousands of dollars in savings.

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